Sports Medicine

Treatment may be mainly physical in nature, or a nutritional/functional medicine consultation. If your problem is musculoskeletal, you may be treated using both active and passive methods. Active care includes rehabilitative exercises to normalize joint and muscle function. Passive care includes various manual techniques as well as modalities such as ultrasound and interferential current. We find the therapies that will work best to help your body to heal quickly and to improve your function for the future.

Active Therapy

An active therapy program is a series of therapeutic exercises customized for each individual patient. The therapy may consist of stretching, strengthening, proprioceptive/coordination exercises. A low-tech approach is used with minimal equipment (Swiss ball, exercise bands, rocker-boards, foam rollers).

A complete Functional Medicine work-up is available. In addition to the active and passive therapy, we can advise you on nutritional and supplement matters.