Spinal Decompression

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  • Patients Achieve up to 100% Relief From Chronic Lower Back and Neck Pain without Drugs or Surgery

    Are you in pain? Have you tried everything to alleviate your pain without success? Tried injections that worked for the first time or two but now have little or no effect? Tired of taking medications that temporarily mask the pain but aren’t actually fixing the problem? Doctor told you your only option is surgery but you are scared to death of surgery because of all the horror stories you have heard? Had surgery and are still in pain? If you answered yes to some or all of these questions we want you to know you are not alone. Thousands of people in your area are in the same boat. Many of them have found affordable, effective, permanent relief with our revolutionary, new treatment protocol involving Spinal Decompression. You too may qualify for this revolutionary treatment if you:

    Have Been Diagnosed With or Feel Like You Have Any of the Following:

    • Herniated/Bulging Discs
    • Chronic Lower Back or Neck Pain
    • Sciatica
    • Shooting Pain Down the Leg
    • Pinched Nerves
    • Numbness, Tingling or Weakness
    • Shoulder, Knee or Foot Pain
    • Muscle Spasm, Strains or Sprains

    Maybe your story is similar to that of Ruthann T., who states, “I had pain in my low back and down my right leg for years. I was having trouble even walking up the stairs. I had four epidurals, which didn’t help much. I started my mornings off with pain medication. For the past two years, I had to sleep in a recliner with a pillow underneath my legs. I had seen two chiropractors, a physical therapist, and a pain management specialist, but nothing helped until I underwent Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy. Now I’m sleeping well, and never wake up due to back pain. I can finally do the things I want to do, without pain!”

    How Pain Has Been Treated in the Past. Are Drugs and Shots the Answer?
    Until now, people have masked their pain by frequently taking prescription pain pills or by getting cortisone, epidural or steroid injections. This type of relief masks the cause, is temporary, and more often can lead to even more pain or worse yet, addiction to drugs. Many people innocently fall into abusing prescription pain pills while initially using them to alleviate pain. Do you know that prescription medications kill more people every year than do illegal drugs? How many stories have we heard in the news over the last year of people dying from abuse of prescription pills? With all the potential side effects are pain pills really the best long term solution to pain?

    How Pain Is Now Being Treated
    Until Now, Drugs and Surgery Were the ONLY Options for Back Pain. Today, Spinal Decompression has emerged as a Leading Non-Invasive, Non-Drug Solution for Your Back & Neck Pain!

    I Keep Hearing About Spinal Decompression On The News and From Friends. What is It?
    Spinal Decompression is a revolutionary, new technology that treats the symptoms of Disc Herniations, Disc Degeneration, Sciatica and low back and neck pain.

    Spinal Decompression has emerged as a Leading Non-Invasive, Non-Drug Solution for Your Back & Neck Pain!
    Spinal Decompression has emerged as a Leading Non-Invasive, Non-Drug Solution for Your Back & Neck Pain!

    How Does Spinal Decompression Work?
    Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, not to be confused with linear traction, slowly lengthens and decompresses the spine, creating negative pressures within the discs. This reversal of pressure creates an intradiscal vacuum that helps to reposition bulging discs and pull extruded disc material back into place, taking pressure off pinched nerves. Spinal experts believe that nutrients, oxygen, and fluids are drawn into the disc to create a revitalized environment conducive to healing.

    How Does Spinal Decompression Fix a Disc Herniation?
    Think of a disc-like a jelly doughnut… squeeze it too hard and the jelly comes out. When too much pressure is placed on the disc, it bulges or herniates. Gentle specialized traction forces are logarithmically applied, creating up to -100 mm of pressure inside the discs, retracting (sucking in) the disc herniation and allowing the damaged disc to heal.

    What About Degenerated Discs?
    As we age, the discs that act as shock absorbers can begin to degenerate. Loss of disc height can lead to bone spurs, pinched nerves and arthritis. Spinal decompression produces gentle specialized traction forces that create a negative pressure leading to an influx of fluid, oxygen and minerals. This process helps the discs to heal. Then with the addition of specific nutrients and minerals through supplements, the influx can help the discs to regenerate.

    How Does This Relieve My Pain?
    As disc bulges or herniations are drawn in, or as the discs begin to regenerate, pressure is taken off of the nerves and surrounding structures relieving the patient of pain and inflammation. So instead of masking the pain, we focus on FIXING THE PROBLEM! Treatments typically last between 20 and 30 minutes. Patients generally need between10 to 25 treatments.

    Is It painful?
    Dr. Louis Crespo states “Many patients are a little apprehensive the first time they come in and get on the machine. However, once they get on it, many react the same way. There is an immediate sense of relief once the machine starts pulling. They look at you and say ‘My pain’s gone’. After that, it’s just a matter of them getting comfortable with it. After a while, the majority will even sleep through the procedure.” We set the machine to focus on your problem area – then the advanced decompression computer system will do the rest.

    Here’s what one patient says. “At the end of some of the treatments, I felt like I had been through a good workout. Like I had gone to the gym and worked out. After the treatment, I really miss coming back and being treated, because I felt like I was at a spa,” said Lisa Morrison, who had suffered four herniated discs. “The treatment was very comfortable and very relaxing.”

    Spinal Decompression is so gentle that we have treated patients up into their nineties and have even had some who are in the severest of pain.

    An Orthopedic Surgeon’s View On Decompression
    Dr. Bernard Zeliger, an Orthopedic Surgeon has this to say about Spinal Decompression. “As a surgeon, I only want to do surgery when I absolutely have to. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression gives my patients a more conservative treatment option that can eliminate the need for surgery altogether.”

    Another Patient Had This To Say
    “I had a disc herniation in my neck with shooting pain down my right arm with numbness and tingling in my right hand. Epidurals and pain pills made me nauseated but didn’t relieve my pain. After an Orthopedic Surgeon told me that surgery was my only option I became disheartened. I knew I didn’t want surgery because of all the horror stories I had heard. A friend told me about Spinal Decompression. After 13 treatments I have no more neck pain or shooting into my arm. The numbness and tingling are also gone. Spinal Decompression and Deep Tissue Laser were nothing short of a miracle for me.” Kathy B. Chandler AZ

    How Will I Know If I Qualify for Treatment?
    When you come in for a complimentary consultation we will ask a series of questions and perform a comprehensive examination including the muscular system, the nervous system, and most of the major organs of the body in order to determine exactly where the pain is coming from. If we feel like you need x-rays or an MRI then we can refer you for those. Once we determine the cause of your pain we will let you know if we can help you and if you qualify for our treatment protocol.

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  • Drugs

    Pain Killers/ Anti-Inflammatories



    Possible Side Effects Include:

    • Addiction or Dependence*
    • Seizures
    • Constipation
    • Decreased sex drive
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Drowsiness, dizziness.
    • Unusual fatigue
    • bleeding, bruising

    and… masking the pain can lead to further injury.
    Cortisone Injections
    Corticosteroids are the most abused and dangerous class of drugs. – Dr Jeffrey Levy.

    Side Effects:

    1. Osteoporosis. Up to 8% loss of bone in 4 months
    2. Low doses for 1 year can cause cataracts
    3. Elevate blood sugar
    4. Suppresses your ability to fight infection

    While cortisone injections decrease the pain of the arthritis in the joint, they actually speed up the breaking down and permanent destruction of the joints. So while

    it temporarily reduces the pain, when the shots eventually wear off, and they always do, the pain will be waiting for you.

    Doctors should be reluctant to give cortisone injections repeatedly.



    Open Back Surgery/ Lumbar Lateral Surgery

    Eugene Carragee MD, of Stanford University performs spinal surgery only on a select group of patients who he carefully screens. His conclusions:

    • Less than 25% will be completely successful.
    • For the majority of the patients, the surgery does not have a dramatic impact on their pain or mobility.
    • A patient’s prospect for a future free from back pain is “fairly poor”.

    No operation in any field of surgery leaves in its wake more human wreckage than surgery on the lumbar discs. Many of these patients are subjected to numerous operations and after each operation the patient is worse.”– Anthony DePalma M.D. and Richard Rothman M.D. (Professors of Orthopedic Surgery)

    The April 8, 2002 Issue of New Yorker Online Magazine Found that of Patients Who Had Spinal Surgery… 72% Needed Further Surgery!

    Avg. Patient Co-Pay for Spinal Surgery Is $3-10K


    Spinal Decompression

    Spine Decompression

    Spinal Decompression:

    • Creates a disc pressure of -100 mm HG
    • The negative pressure creates a vacuum that sucks back in herniated material
    • The negative pressure improves disc nutrition – allowing Degenerated Discs to Rehydrate, Re-Nutrify, and Regenerate.

    Lumbar Disc Herniation and Disc Degeneration

    A Study in 22 Medical Centers by The Journal of Neurological Research Showed that in 778 Patient Cases Treatment was Successful with 71% of the Patients.

    Decompression vs. Drugs

    • No Side Effects
    • Long-Term Results
    • Fixes the Problem rather than Masking It

    Decompression vs. Surgery

    • 71-82% vs. 25-50% Success Rate
    • Little Risk of Making Your Condition Worse

    At Approximatel
    10% of the Cost of Surgery

  • Facts About the Discs and Decompression

    • Disc degeneration is the #1 cause of low back pain
    • Disc Disease costs the health care system 50 billion dollars
    • After the age of 12 the vascular supply to the disc that delivers nutrients and eliminates wastes, atrophy
    • Full range of compressive loading and unloading cycles are necessary for fluid exchange, imbibation, and osmosis to keep the disc healthy
    • The nucleus of the disc is 88% water.
    • When there is loss of lordosis, injury, loss of motion or change in biomechanical stresses in the spine there is loss of hydration to the disc.
    • A loss of hydration to the disc leads to a decreased ability of the disc to withstand pressure and an unequal distribution of the forces of gravity and the activities of daily life will lead to degeneration of the disc.
    • Unequal distribution of forces leads to tearing of the outer part of the disc and the nucleus can eventually leak out causing even more problems.
    • Poor diet, smoking, and age can all exacerbate this degeneration.
    • Disc herniations (protrusions) are much more common than most people think. Disc herniations may make up to 50% of low back pain patients. Leg pain is often not present. Disc protrusions are provoked in mid-range and made better or worse with repeated end range loading.
    • Two types of pain- chemical and mechanical.

      Mechanical Pain occurs from stretching a shortened tissue or compressing a displaced/damaged tissue. It is typically intermittent. Certain positions or movements may cause the pain to appear and worsen or decrease or disappear.

      Chemical Pain occurs from inflammation, ischemia, or noxious metabolites. It is typically constant and unrelenting. Certain positions or movements will aggravate or lessen the pain but do not make it disappear. Chemical pain is more common with disc lesions. Pain is truly constant, daily and unrelenting. The nucleus pulposus is a chemical irritant of the root. May be a contraindication for manipulation or decompression at first as everything aggravates the pain.

    • Failure to observe centralization with any movement is either a sign of chemical pain or a warning that mechanical therapy may not be tolerated.
    • The articular cartilage, the nucleus pulposus, and the inner two-thirds of the annulous are not innervated by nociceptors..
    • Acute inflammation should be viewed as part of the healing process while chronic inflammation should be viewed as a disease.


    1. enlarges the space between discs
    2. reduces herniations
    3. strengthens outer ligaments to eventually hold the herniation back in
    4. separates the facet joints establishing potential for improved alignment and mobility
    5. widens the vertebral formina allowing for increased space for spinal nerve roots
    6. stretching spinal musculature which will decrease spasm and guarding

    The nucleus pulposus- consists largely of proteoglycans, which are large molecules consisting of complex sugars and protein which are able to imbibe and retain large amounts of water. If the nucleus loses its proteoglycans it can no longer properly brace the annulus fibrosus and the disc can no longer resist compression loads and will be progressively compressed and narrowed under loads of daily living.

    Disc Height-During activities of daily living water is squeezed out of the lumbar discs and they lose height. After sleeping in a recumbent position the height is restored. Disc height is preserved with age. Discs do not narrow because of age. Indeed, if anything they are slightly taller on average. Disc narrowing occurs in certain disorders of the discs. Any disorder that disrupts or degrades the proteoglycans of the nucleus will impair their water-binding capacity, and compromise the ability of the disc to restore and maintain its height.

    Nutrition of the Disc– Nutrition is improved and aided by movement. Movement causes a bulk flow of water into and out of the disc, and this bulk flow carries nutrients with it.

    Nomenclature and Classification– Naming according to American Spine Society, American Society of Spine Radiology, and American Society of Neuroradiology. Thanks to Dr. Benjamin Glass D.C., D.A.C.B.R.

    Annular tear– also called an annular fissure are separations between annular fibers, avulsion of fibers from their vertebral body insertions, or breakthrough fibers that extend radially, transversely, or concentrically, involving one or more layers of the annular lamellae. The term tear does not imply that the lesion is consequent to trauma.

    Disc Dessication– Disc with reduced water content, usually primarily of nuclear tissues. (Drying Out)

    Herniation– a localized displacement of disc material beyond the limits of the intervertebral disc space.

    Chronic Disc Herniation– disc herniation with the presence of calcification, ossification, or gas accumulation within the displaced disc material, suggesting that the herniation is not of recent origin.

    Protrusion (A)– is present if the greatest distance, in any plane, between the edges of the disc material beyond the edges of the disc space is less than the distance between the edges of the base, in the same direction.

    Protrusion vs. Extrusion

    Extrusion (B and C)– is present when, in at least one plane, any one distance between the edges of the disc space is greater than the distance between the edges of the base, or when no continuity exists between the disc space

    Extrusion (B and C)

    Herniated Nucleus Pulposus with Nuclear Extrusion: the annulus of the disc has been damaged to the point that nuclear material has extruded outside the bounds of the annulus. May be slower to respond and may not show a permanent resolution. Surgical consult if red flags are present.

    Focal herniation – Broad based hernia – Bulging Disc

    Focal herniationis a herniated disc less than 90° of the disc circumference.

    Broadbased herniation is a herniated disc in between 90°-180° of the disc circumference.

    Bulging Disc is the presence of disc tissue ‘circumferentially’ (180°-360°) beyond the edges of the ring apophyses and is not considered a form of herniation.

    Bulging Disc
    Migration – Sequestration

    Migration indicates displacement of disc material away from the site of extrusion, regardless of whether sequestrated or not.

    Sequestration is used to indicate that the displaced disc material has lost completely any continuity with the parent disc

    Axial localisation of herniated discs

    Central or medial (orange). Since the PLL (posterior longitudinal ligament) is at its thickest in this region, the disc usually herniates slightly to the left or right of this central zone.

    Paramedian or lateral recess (blue). Because the PLL is not as thick in this region, this is the number one region for disc herniations to occur in.

    Foraminal or subarticular (red). It is rare for a disc to herniate into the intervertebral foramen. Only 5% to 10% of all disc herniation occur here or farther out.
    When herniations do occur in this zone, they are often very troublesome for the patient.

    This is because a super-delicate neural structure called the ‘Dorsal Root Ganglion’ (DRG) lives in this zone resulting in severe pain, sciatica and nerve cell damage.

    Extraforaminal or lateral (green).

    Disc herniations in this region are uncommon.

    Axial localisation of herniated discs

    STENOSIS: Many middle-aged patients suffer with narrowing of the neural foramina secondary to increased bone formation. Decompression can not restore the lumen of the foramina, but decompression of posterior arches may help improve the space available for the exiting of the nerve root. This improvement will probably only be temporary, but the relief of very intense symptoms is still valuable to many patients. However, patients with Stenosis secondary to increased bone formation should be warned ahead of time that their results may be slower and less likely to be permanent.


    1. Foam roll warm ups
    2. Light therapy or electric stimulation (don’t do light therapy on back to back days)
    3. Decompression therapy
    4. Manipulation
    5. Stabilization exercises
    6. Interferential with ice
  • Double Your Decompression’s Q&A

    Do You Think Decompression Can Help Me?

    Decompression Therapy is very successful, but it’s not for everyone. The doctor only treats patients with who he/she feels will get better from Spinal Decompression. The first step is to be scheduled for a consultation during which the physician will be able to review your case and determine if you are a good candidate.

    Can Decompression Help a Herniated Disc?

    Decompression Therapy was specifically designed to treat disc-related conditions such as herniated, ruptured, bulging, and degenerative disc disease. In our office, it is effective in over 7 out of 10 patients, but it’s not for everyone. The doctor only chooses the patients who (s)he thinks will see the best results. Each case is different. The first step is to determine if you can even consider decompression as an option. On the initial visit the doctor will determine which treatment is best for your condition. Which day is best for you?

    I’ve had Surgery, Can I Still Be Helped?

    Not if you have any metal, screws or fusion in the low back. Otherwise, Decompression Therapy was designed to treat disc-related conditions such as herniated, ruptured, bulging, and degenerative disc disease. In our office, it is effective in 7 out of 10 patients, but it’s not for everyone. We have many patients who have had surgery and still get great results. But each case is different. The first step is to determine if you can even consider decompression as an option. On the initial visit, the doctor will determine if decompression is an option for your condition. Which day is best for you?

    Will the Pain Just Come Back After the Treatment?

    No treatment or facility can promise the pain will not return, but Spinal Decompression is a long-term solution to back pain rather than a quick fix. The first step is to determine if your condition is one that would be considered treatable. Which day is best for you?

    What Is Decompression?

    Compression occurs in the discs when a person is standing or sitting. Decompression therapy creates the reverse in that it creates a negative pressure in the discs. This negative pressure draws in herniated disc material. It also helps to draw in water and nutrients to help repair and regenerate the discs. It is very successful in those who have been prescribed it. Well over 7 out of 10 patients report relief after the series of treatments. The first step is to determine if your condition is one that is treatable. In a case like yours, I know the doctor would recommend a no-charge consultation.

    How Many Visits Will I Need?

    Every case is different. Determining the number of visits is determined by the severity of the patient’s case, how long the patient has had the symptoms, what treatments the patient has had prior to coming to our facility and it depends on the overall health of the patient. The final decision is that of the physician. The doctor only accepts cases (s)he feels will see a marked improvement because the success of the patients will reflect on the clinic. The first step is to find out if your case is even one that can be considered for care. The doctor will perform a no-charge consultation to see if you would be accepted for care. If you are not accepted the doctor will refer you to other specialists or perhaps consider alternative treatments.

    Will My Insurance Cover It?

    Before you even come in for your appointment, we will perform a complimentary benefits check to verify what your insurance will and will not cover. Each patient will know prior to beginning care what the cost of their treatment plan would be. There are never any surprises. And remember, your first visit is a no-charge consultation. We will also do a complimentary benefits check to verify what your insurance will and will not cover. The first step is to determine if your condition is one that would be considered treatable. Which day is best for you?

    Does Medicare Pay for Decompression Treatment?

    Medicare usually covers at least part of the Spinal Decompression treatment protocols the doctor prescribes.

    Why Doesn’t Medicare Pay for All of the Decompression Treatment?

    I wish I knew. Unfortunately, Medicare benefits seem to become more limited with each passing year. If Medicare would only realize how many patients are being saved from surgery and how it has changed people’s lives it would surely change their outlook. Many of our patients are on fixed incomes so we have worked hard to provide patient financing at the lowest rates so the payments can comfortably fit into their budget for what Medicare does not cover. The last thing that we want to happen is for someone not to receive care that they need due to finances.

  • What Others Say About Spinal Decompression

    “I am back to work with no pain”
    When I started treatment I was suffering from severe pain in my lower back and right leg. On a scale from 1-10, my pain was a 10. I was also experiencing some tingling and numbness associated with the pain. I just wanted the pain to go away. I tried epidurals/steroid shots, physical therapy, traditional chiropractic, massage, exercise and pain medication. I was talking about four pain pills a day. I wondered if spinal decompression would work for me and if I would have to continue the treatment for the rest of my life? As a result of the spinal decompression, I am able to walk, sit and stand pain-free. And I am back to work with no problems. The pain in my back and my leg is completely gone. I would recommend spinal decompression.

    I came because of low back pain in my lower back that began 5 years ago from work as a heavy equipment mechanic for 38 years. This pain was accompanied by pain and numbness traveling down both of my legs. On a scale of 0 to 10 my pain was about a 7 out of 8. I had tried epidurals/steroid shots, exercise, physical therapy, and pain medication with only mild temporary relief. I was not a candidate to undergo back surgery due to heart complications, so it was the last route I could take. Prior to starting my treatment, I was taking 30mg of Codeine and two 300mg tablets of Acetaminophen three times a day, and a few additional doses if the pain persisted. After hearing of Spinal Decompression Physical Therapy, I questioned whether or not their offered treatment methods would work for me. I decided to invest in the treatment, and in turn, had a great experience at Spinal Decompression Physical Therapy. As a result of my treatment, I am now able to enjoy sports such as bowling, physical exercise such as walking, and most of all have more sex. I was a very bad case and I am completely satisfied with my treatment and am glad I did not have back surgery!

    Ralph O. (Age 62)

    Chase G.

    “I had piercing pain down my right leg from a disc herniation”
    I first came with a Lumbar Disc Herniation after a weight lifting injury. The pain was pinching and piercing down my right leg. It caused abnormal nerve sensations and led to a decrease in life enjoyment. I had a significant amount of numbness and tingling radiating down my leg as well. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was a 7. I tried Chiropractic care, pain meds, exercise and an inversion table. Seriously, nothing helped. I decided to take matters in my own hands and found Spinal Decompression Physical Therapy online. My first concerns were if the treatment would work for me and if I would need to come in for the rest of my life. My recovery process has been both fast and enjoyable. As a result of my treatment, I now enjoy daily exercise, time with family and can finally sleep soundly at night! The only drawback is that now I can no longer use my back pain as an excuse to miss family reunions. I would highly recommend Spinal Decompression.

    Chase G. (Age 17)

    Hilma S.

    “No More Pain Pills For Me!”
    I had a herniated disc at L3 and L5, according to my MRI. My right side was in excruciating pain from my disc pushing on my sciatic nerve. My foot was numb and tingly all the time. I was in the E.R. every weekend. I was taking all kinds of pain pills, was in a wheelchair for 2 months and used a walker for 1 month. I knew the pills could cause damage to my liver and kidneys but I didn’t know what else to do. They were also becoming very addictive and that made me scared. I was three days from having back surgery when I saw an ad in the newspaper. I came down to the office and the Doctors explained everything. The Dr’s put me on the Decompression Table and only 6 weeks later my back and leg feel wonderful. No more pain pills for me. I cannot say enough about Spinal Decompression! I recommend it to anyone with back or neck pain.

    Hilma S.

    Clifford S.

    After 2 failed back surgeries in 2000, I still had severe pain and I was informed no further surgeries would help. I had extreme pain while standing and walking. The pain was constant and was an 8 to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. An Orthopedic test indicated that there was nothing more that could be done. Other than back surgery, I tried epidurals, steroid shots and pain meds. My experience was outstanding. The goal has been met. Hooray! It has been an amazing experience. I can walk better, am reduced to a level “3” pain while standing, have less stress and have a better outlook on life. We were informed it would be about 6 weeks and that has been the time to be in an almost pain-free status. I only wish I had known about Spinal Decompression before going under the knife because I really feel that I wouldn’t have needed the surgeries that didn’t even help.

    Additional note from Clifford’s wife.. The concern and care for the spouse were appreciated very much. It was well worth the time and expense. (Mrs. Lee S.)

    Clifford S.

    Lower back, shoulder and arm pain brought me. It felt like electrical pain radiating down my arms. My pain was at a “10” and I also had lots of numbness. I have had this pain for 20 years and only took pain meds for it, which made me sick. When I came I wondered, will this work? Will they be able to lessen my pain? I am now able to sleep at night. I can carry my purse on my shoulders without pain. My anxiety is gone. What’s so great is that there is no surgery involved and at the age of 67, surgery is the last thing I wanted to do. I had amazing results. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my pain a “1”. The treatment was painless and most important, it helped me! No cutting, no recovery; it works.

    Aniela C.

Maria B.

“I was able to stop my pain medication”
As an owner of a housekeeping business, I came Due to constant pain in my low back, with pain radiating down to my legs. My pain was a “10” on a scale of 1 to 10. I have been suffering from this pain, on and off, since January of 2011. I have tried Pain Meds, taking 1-2 every 6 hours. I wondered if I would ever be pain-free. After first coming to Spinal Decompression Physical Therapy I was very pleased with how quickly I was able to start treatment. Feeling results within a few days was amazing. I can enjoy my days being pain-free. I’m able to work, still!! My kids really appreciate me being able to play with them and not be restricted or limited to activities. non-surgical, medication-free, painless treatment that has great results. Within a matter of a few days I was able to stop my pain medication and since then not have to take one! Treatment is painless and actually relaxing. I really enjoyed it. Most of all no recovery needed.

Maria B.

Liz U.

I was suffering from back pain and Sciatica
I came with severe back pain and sciatica. The pain in my low back was excruciating. My pain level was a “12”, on a scale of 1 to 10. I had pain radiating down my right leg for the last 2 months. I tried acupuncture, pain meds and back surgery. I was taking 6 Tylenol a day. My concern was, will this work for me? I’ll admit I was apprehensive because of a bad experience in the past. But after starting Spinal Decompression treatments, I knew I had made the right decision in coming here. My pain level has gone from “12” to “0”! I am able to walk straighter, sleep better and do housework without pain. It is so comforting to be able to be pain-free without the use of medication.

Liz U.

Jeff B.

“I was diagnosed with an L4/L5 Disc herniation and was facing surgery”
After experiencing excruciating pain from a work-related injury, I knew I needed an immediate solution. I found it hard to walk, stand, sit or even lie down. I even had to take an absence of leave from my job at the restaurant due to my pain. My pain level was a 10, on a scale of 1-10. After learning that I had a herniated disc at L4-L5, along with spinal stenosis, I was scared that I would be facing surgery. I had tried everything. After 4 weeks, my pain was completely gone! Thank you for allowing me to get my life back. I am excited to be able to return to work after not having been able to work the past 6 months because of the pain.!

Jeff B.

Byrene W.

“I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my back, which was causing severe pain in my buttock and leg”
I love to bowl but my bowling score has been very poor since my back started hurting. I was given a number of cortisone shots but I was still having pain. When I heard about spinal decompression, I felt it might help me. After seeing the table I was a little worried about what the treatments might be like. Would they help? Would the treatments be painful? The treatments were actually very relaxing. One time I even fell asleep. After my third treatment of Spinal Decompression, I went bowling and bowled 30 points above my average which greatly impressed my Team. I definitely feel that Decompression Treatments are improving my body’s mobility and strength, as well as relieving the pain that I have been experiencing for over a year!

Byrene W.

“5 years ago I noticed”
On my first visit, I pretty much needed to be carried in by two people. I am a grown man and I actually had to use a walker just to get around because the pain was so bad. The pain I felt was indescribable. An MRI showed an L5/S1 disc herniation. I had the same thing 2 years back and it took over a year to fully recover. My first spinal decompression session was very painful and felt no relief. The 2nd visit gave me much relief and by the end of the first week, I could walk without help. I looked forward to each day because I knew I would feel better each time. The Doctor knew just what to do to help me. I was so happy that the visits were so relaxing and each provided more relief from the pain. I have never been to any Doctor of any kind that really cared this much. Instead of it taking a year to heal this time, I was back 100% within 2 months.

Brent P.

Clint R.

“I felt like I had tried everything”
After suffering for 15 years with low back pain. The pain would cause back spasms and numbness in my toes. On a scale of 1 out of 10, my pain was a 7. I felt like I had tried everything, (epidurals/steroid shots, physical therapy, acupuncture, traditional chiropractic, massage, exercise, & inversion table). These provided on a little, temporary relief. I found out about Spinal Decompression Physical Therapy in a newspaper advertisement. I wondered if Spinal Decompression could reduce the pain and raise my quality of life. After about 10 treatments I am now back to enjoying activities such as bowling, golf and working out. Spinal Decompression and have already sent several of my friends to their office.

Clint R.

Phyllis B.

“I’ve tried every pain pill on the market for my Sciatica”
Since 1986 I have suffered from neck and back problems. I’ve tried every muscle relaxer and pain pill on the market for my sciatica. I hate taking the pills because I know they are not good for kidneys and liver but I felt that I didn’t have a choice. Surgery was an option but the odds weren’t in my favor. I was in daily physiotherapy for six months. I have tried overhead traction, neck collar, pain management, yoga, chiropractic, massage and acupuncture. my pain was 9-10. Since Day One, the Doctor and his staff have been excellent. They have put me back on my feet to recovery. I can golf and dance again! My pain level is now a “2”. Thank you so much!

Phyllis B.

Wanda T.

I came for my back pain and it sure has helped. This has been one of the best experiences I have had. Again, thanks for everything.

Wanda T.

Bess K.

“My back used to hurt all day, everyday”
Doctors told me I have Degenerative Disc Disease. That’s when I saw an ad for spinal decompression and deep tissue laser therapy. After my second treatment, I could get out of bed in the morning with no pain. 3 weeks later I am pain-free!

Bess K.

Mardy S.

“After 17 sessions of Spinal Decompression on my neck I feel like a new person”
I was at the end of my rope. I have had physical therapy, epidurals and cortisone shots for neck and shoulder pain in the past, but the pain always came back, along with daily headaches. X-rays showed that I had Degenerative Disc Disorder, bulging discs and stenosis in my neck. Not wanting surgery, I explored other options. After just a few Spinal Decompression treatments, I felt much better. After 17 sessions, I feel like a new person!

Mardy S.

Tim S.

“This program worked wonders for my Degenerative Disc Disease”
When I started this program, I had burning, stabbing pain down my right leg and numbness and tingling in my foot. Doctors told me I had Sciatica complicated by Degenerative Disc Disease. After beginning the spinal decompression treatments the pain is now gone. My back was always sore and stiff. Now it feels much, much better. Overall, this program worked wonders for me and I hope it will for everybody.

Tim S.

Lois S.

“Three steroid shots didn’t do half of what Spinal Decompression did for me!”
I was in excruciating pain for two years. I went to a “Pain Management Doctor” who wanted to give me steroid shots. The idea of shots into my spine made me very nervous. I ended up having three steroid shots in my back which didn’t help. Then I saw an ad in the newspaper for spinal decompression at Spinal Decompression Physical Therapy. After my complimentary consultation, the doctor recommended spinal decompression on the DRX9000. I got relief after one week of treatment. It gets better every time. I am now able to do the things that I have missed over the last 2 years. It works, it helped me.

Lois S.

Joe A.

“Can Stand and Walk Straight For First Time in 30 Years”
I have had lower back pain for years. Doctors have diagnosed me with L4 and L5 disc problems. The doctor discussed treatment on the Spinal Decompression machine. The first treatment was nothing short of a life-changing moment. I stood straight for the first time in thirty years. You don’t know how amazing it is to finally stand and walk straight for the first time in 30 years.

Joe A.

Joyce B.

“…the greatest gift I have received in all my life….”
Suffering from constant severe pain makes one helpless and very depressed! This was my state for eight months. I could not sit, bend, nor walk or get up without help. I was on pain pills. One day my daughter suggested that I see her Doctor. I had never seen a chiropractor but replied to her “I am willing to try anything at this point.” I started spinal decompression treatments and I am overwhelmed. Only weeks later, my pain is totally gone. I cannot say enough good about this treatment. The doctor has given me the greatest gift I have ever received in all my life and I’ve received some very nice ones in my lifetime of seventy-eight years. He has given me some of my health back that I never expected to have again. Thank you, Doctor, for what you have done for me.

Joyce B.

Robert H.

“……I was unable to bend over enough to dress…. My back is completely restored.”
I had always been skeptical about chiropractors, but my wife had experienced good results. So when I awoke one morning with very severe back pain we contacted her chiropractor. The pain was so severe that I could not stand or sit for more than a few minutes. I was unable to bend over enough to dress or put on shoes and socks. I began Spinal Decompression treatments. There was an immediate improvement after each treatment. After about four to five weeks of treatment, my back is completely restored.

Robert H.

Leandro M.

“If it wasn’t for the doctor and spinal decompression I would not have been able to continue my job as a meat cutter.”
Been going in for chiropractic for twenty years but low back pain has always persisted. Dr. G. suggested Spinal Decompression. Initial visit tension was relieved tremendously. I had first decent sleep for the first time in a long time. Daily troubles with standing, sitting and sleeping have subsided. Sitting while driving I have no sharp pain down legs.

Treatments did not hurt it was very relaxing. I feel like I am close to 100% better. I feel if it wasn’t for the doctor and spinal decompression. I would not be able to continue my job as a meat cutter.

Leandro M.

“…Nothing gave me the results that your program gave me.”
I have tried epidurals, laser discectomy, physical therapy… and nothing gave me the results that your program gave me. I knew I didn’t want surgery because of all the horror stories I have heard about surgery. You have a program that works! I hope you get the word out, that there is an alternative to surgery.

Jake S.

“I no longer take pain medication…”
The treatments with spinal decompression have brought me instant relief and have helped me lead a healthier lifestyle. After two treatments, I no longer take pain medication or OTC medication for my hip and back pain. I am able to exercise without pain and am getting my life back. I have been able to stay more focused and clear-headed without the nagging pain that I previously felt. I honestly feel that my life has changed for the better with Spinal Decompression.

Deborah L.

“Today, I am near 100% pain free…”
My quality of life has completely changed since starting this treatment. I had almost zero mobility; everything I did caused pain. Today, I am near 100% pain-free, and resumed to nearly all my normal activities.

Luis D.

“This treatment has changed my life. Thank you.”
I had back pain for 5 years. It got the point where I was taking 4-6 Advil a day. I needed help to get out of bed. I could not stand without pain or do my job. I now take no medications, and I’m back at work. I only have pain periodically and I’m continuing to improve. This treatment has changed my life. Thank you!

Matilde A.

“I feel physically balanced and stronger.”
I feel physically balanced and stronger, which positively influences my daily activities. Good posture, back strength and alignment also affects my mental well being. I am able to move and perform with less pain.

Nisreen A.

Today I can walk without a cane or a limp.”
If you are one of those people who suffer from your spine, back or whatever, give yourself a chance and listen to what the doctor tells you, do it and something good will take place. There’s always going to be some kind of discomfort, if you apply yourself that too will shortly pass.

Nina B.

I suffered two disc herniations due to an auto accident. I thought I could tough it out and the pain would eventually go away. After all, I was an all-star athlete growing up. I had recovered from worse injuries than this. There was no way I was going to the doctor’s office. What would they do other than giving me pills and tell me to do exercises that I already knew anyway.

Eventually the pain got worse. My wife says that I became grumpy and miserable to be around although I don’t see how that could be possible.
When the pain started to affect my life in the bedroom that’s when I knew it was time to see somebody. My wife saw the ad in the newspaper and dragged me to the decompression clinic. I am now 90% improved and still getting better.

George M.- Mesa, AZ

I am forever truly grateful for the care and results I am experiencing!

Dee W. – Gilbert, AZ

Having had 20 plus years of back/spinal problems, herniated discs and degenerative disc disease as a result of car accidents and sports injuries, and having tried everything from chiropractic, physical therapy, and three separate cortisone injections procedures, I was extremely skeptical of the whole DRX9000 decompression therapy. But having spinal surgery as my only other option I was willing to give this a try. After the 7th decompression treatment, I noticed significant pain relief and that I was able to do little things like sneeze without pain, sleep more soundly, and being able to bend at the waist. After the 12th treatment, I would say that I was about 80% better overall. Finally, after completing the 25th treatment, I am able to live life virtually pain-free! It is so wonderful to be able to play with my kids, go for hikes and long walks, or just relax on the couch without having sharp pains in my back and down my legs. I would, and already have, recommended the DRX9000 to friends, neighbors and even people at church. You turned this skeptic into an advocate!

Carri L – Phoenix, AZ

After having surgery for a herniated disc I still felt debilitating lower back pain, which left me unable to walk at times.

Kay B. Mesa, AZ

Today I am near 100% pain free.

Louis D.

I was taking a lot of medications and had recently bought a walker. After 13 visits I no longer take pain medications and my pain completely gone. I am putting a for sale sign on my walker.

Isabelle R.

Is it normal for someone to feel about 60% better after just one treatment. Then she gave me a high five.

Faith G. Scottsdale AZ

The DRX9000 has been a Godsend. Not only I but others who know and saw the way I was, have to marvel at the progress. At the beginning of my treatment, I was confined to a wheelchair, unable to stand on my own two feet. The pain in my back and legs was so great that I was not capable of getting on the machine by myself. Thanks to the help of my family and the Doctor I was lifted onto the DRX9000 each treatment. One month later and almost one-quarter of the treatment I see a lot of improvement. I no longer need my wheelchair, and I’m able to stand up and walk on my own with little to no pain.

Cosme C.