Golf Fitness

Fact: 75% of all golfers experience low back pain.

Fact: Muscle activity in the back is 50% less in professional golfers than it is in amateur golfers.

Fact: The golf swing generates peak compressive loads to the low back equaling 8 times your body weight.

SOLUTION: Do what almost every professional golfer has done…get a swing coach. The program St. Tereiza Physical Therapy & Rehab has created will help you get the results you want. Whether you have pain from a golf injury, want to prevent an injury or just want to learn what exercise will help you improve your game, we have a program for you.

Dr. Malak Azab received his Golf Fitness Instructor Certification from the Titleist Performance Institute. He has studied and researched the mechanics, biomechanics and injuries related to the golf swing. Dr. Azab will perform a thorough evaluation involving taking a complete medical history, swing analysis, testing for muscle strength, flexibility, balance, joint mobility and tissue reactivity. Every golfer has an area or areas that could use improvement. The most important areas we look at are: Flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.